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Specialists in Business Startups, Leadership and New Technologies




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These days without leadership not much will move in organizations.



Simple: people are your only asset.



It is important to include employees, clients, stakeholders and vendors.



Internet and blockchain technology are changing our world. And this is just the beginning.


The digital economy is changing business, government and everyday life. We take a strong interest in projects that relate to productivity, innovation, government policy and public sector change.



Yes, we are people with ideas. We love to develop ideas to solve problems or improve things.



Forces such as globalization, new technology, and increasingly powerful human capital require more from today's firms and leaders. Few can survive in a reactive mode, lurching from crisis to crisis. More and more companies are seeking to become highly adaptive, balancing attention to today's performance with the creation of future options; and a very few are becoming creative shapers of their industries and destinies. A highly effective organization is the key to this journey, and perhaps the only sustainable source of advantage.

Our practice helps leaders speed their firms along this journey. We help clients in the three domains outlined below.


Motivation, Performance, and Talent
We have a wide range of diagnostic and intervention methods to help firms achieve new levels of performance, from strengthening managerial and executive talent to designing strategic incentives to creating processes to enhance group energy and alignment.

Institutional System Design
Our experience and research on governance and organization design enable us to help organizations create internal and external governance for competitive advantage. We have particular experience with the special problems of global and globalizing firms.

Corporate Transformation
The practice offers a range of interventions to help organisations accelerate and deepen transformation. These range from novel institutional arrangements to methods for increasing the change-readiness of individuals, groups, and entire firms.





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insider magazine

Sales Force for Franchisors


Making Money

Case Study SAP Jungheinrich


Growing Pains

business excellence

Printing Money
vs Digital Money
Cashless Economies? Yes, but how?

London School of Economics

What is the Internet doing to the economy, labour and society? Pricing Goods and Service on the Web: Price Searches.


IT Summit

The ability to measure the impact of KM on strategic business development is critical and, in particular, attention must be given to gathering and developing competitor intelligence.

IT Director: What is your next step?

IT Summit

Are senior IT professionals motivated by the possibility of achieving Board status? How do these individuals gain the required management skills and knowledge to be taken seriously by main board members?

The Impact of Globalization on Strategy

Internet Business Forum

Challenges of selling goods over the Web internationally. For small to medium-sized companies especially, international trading may not have been experienced before.

How to succeed in the e-Business era?

Warwick University

Technology is driving a business revolution; globalization, Internet and ERP are changing our business model dramatically. What will happen to our companies and individuals? What can I do? The workshop will be based on the research of Tom Peters and Tomorrow's Company. It will contain hands-on ideas on this subject.

The Wider World

Richmond Group

The Impact of Globalisation Strategy within Smaller Business. How can the smaller company compete in a world where it seems that mergers and acquisitions result in smaller number of mega corporations? They may be able to react to market openings faster than tanker-like transnational corporations. This session will cover pitfalls and opportunities as shown by the experience of an entrepreneur who has set up and developed business across Europe.

Technology changing expatriate management

eca International

Technology's transformation of global business organizations. How is technology affecting global business process and business organization? What are its implications for global HRM?
- Technology and business structures
- Challenges of implementing technology
- Implications for global HR management

3es (e-business, exports & the euro)

DTI; London Chamber of Commerce

Lessons learned from building & running a leading books portal


Our practice focuses on growth, innovation, new business creation, and digital business transformation. We assist companies seeking to jump-start, accelerate, and/or sustain long-term profitable growth through significant enhancement to their top-line.

Through our network of dedicated consultants and experts we deliver capabilities in three key areas:


Corporate Growth and Innovation
We help clients architect overall growth programs, Competitive analysis, Visioning and goal identification, team creation and governance, implementation consulting, sales and marketing support, develop growth strategies and growth platforms, generate ideas and plans for new business creation, organize for new ventures and business development, build more innovative and entrepreneurial organizations, and foster innovative communities.


Digital Business Transformation
Our services include building and launching new business ventures, improving operational performance through digital technology, and transforming companies through the application of IT and digital technology.


Business has always been driven by ideas, and on these pages we describe some of our best. All change begins with ideas, but not all ideas inspire change. Our purpose is to give you the tools you need to find promising new ideas, see things in new ways, draw others into your vision and make change work.


Robert F. Koenig has lived in several European countries, speaks multiple languages and is a passionate believer in modern management technologies. His experience and knowledge of leadership has led to appearances on several television programmes, including European Business News and American News.

Robert studied Industrial Engineering at Darmstadt University in Germany, and Mechanical Engineering at the Ecole Centrale de Lyon in France. He started his career in 1985 With Andersen Consulting, where he implemented large IT systems in many companies throughout Germany.


In 1987 Robert joined Jungheinrich, a major world manufacturer of materials handling equipment, with a strong European presence. He started out as a member of the Corporate Reporting Department and progressed to become Head of the IT department in Germany. Within Jungheinrich he worked in many areas, including Finance and Sales.


In 1994 Robert was promoted to Joint Managing Director of the Jungheinrich subsidiary in the UK (1,000 employees £100 million revenue). Together with the Tom Peters Group, he initiated restructuring programs with a focus on teamwork and communication. 1995 Robert won the “Young Manager of the Year” award.


In 1997 Robert founded Inline Sales a company that is now the leader in outsourced Sales in Europe. The company delivered projects to companies like EDS, BAYER, FIAT and many small to medium sized companies.


He is a non-executive director in a multitude of companies and is also well known for his public speeches. Robert is a member of Tomorrows Company and The German British Industry Association.





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